Saturday, October 10, 2009

Summer Houses

Summer houses outside LongyearbyenSummer houses, about an hour out of Longyear- byen. I guess city life is too hectic for some folks.

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No word from the Arctic Circle team, but not expecting to hear from them for at least another day. They're probably about 150km out from Longyearbyen, which means the nearest civilization is at the outpost Ny-Ålesund , another 100km (60 miles) away.

If they don't stop in Ny-Ålesund , it's likely that they'll be out of contact for another 10 days.

According to Norwegian Weather Service, they've had cold and fog, but no snow and not much wind. The wind they are getting is blowing against their direction of travel, so the crew is probably getting a good workout. They'll get a fresh breeze next week, but it's forecast to swing around and come from the south. I hope they'll still have some Dramamine left.

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