Monday, October 5, 2009


Reading the last post, I realize that some folks may not know the driving patterns around Longyearbyen. And if you're like I was until recently, you probably have no idea of Longyearbyen's position on the globe. Here is a google image of the outskirts of town, the red dots show appx where we went today. ("X" marks town. Basically, the entire island outside of town belongs to polar bears, so everywhere we went today we needed to be armed).

The other map shows the whole Svalbard archipelago in reference to Greenland and Europe. As you can see, we're just about off the map, and after tomorrow, we'll be somewhere in the blue.

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  1. Sorry we didn't connect by Skype today. If you see this before you go, wishing you a wonderful trip. Let us know when you are back on dry land. Love ya, Karen