Saturday, October 3, 2009

Arctic Kayak Paddling-Day2

Today the sea was as smooth as glass. Five members of the Svalbard kayak polo team arrived ready to paddle. They were skilled paddlers and performed the synchronized movement really well ... although they were requesting that I photoshop perfect precision into the moves once I return to NYC.

After a couple of hours filming, the paddlers were all warmed up and I was FREEZING! To warm up I went for a run up by a church at the base of a mountain. Jaw dropping beauty where ever you look ... as I'm constantly looking out for polar bears.

One of the paddlers told me he has seen 5 so far this year. One was in the center of the road. He had his one and a half year old daughter in the car so he slammed it into reverse and let the bear own the road.

I'm still the only one in the hotel. Tonight I thought I'd make a movie ... Shining II. Finally a money maker!

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