Sunday, October 4, 2009

Seal Watching Humans

Day three fiming kayakers was the best day so far! A seal showed up to see what we were up to ... or at least check what was caught in the local fishing nets. The sea cooperated and the kayakers were really skilled in preforming synchronized movements! Great footage! As soon as the kayak paddlers started doing underwater rolls (in Arctic seas!) the seal was front and center wondering what we were doing.

Tonight I went to the indoor Svalbard swimming pool to watch the my kayaker friends play a game of polo. They would give the NY national team a run for their money. One of the polo players gave me a ride back to the hotel, and told me about local polar bear sitings. A mother bear and two cubs were recently seen hiding under under one of the houses on the upper road of town. It made me pause as I remembered that I ran up that same road this morning. Happily I didn't run into any polar bears, but I did pass a couple with baby stroller -- who had a rifle slung across across their back.

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