Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off the Grid

All participants are gathering their bags, equipment, and nerves ... swallowing ginger and Dramamine, rushing out to the local clothing store for extra long johns and waterproof shells ... we sail tonight.

I went down to the Svalbard Sailing Club this morning and packed up the kayaks, paddles, drysuits, and life vests that we'll bring on board. I realized that I didn't have a way to transport the kayaks from the sailing club about a mile to the sailing ship. Eike, who runs the club (and has been the main reason why my project has gone well so far ... lining up paddlers and renting the equipment) only has a bicycle. He suggested I try the local post office to see if I could use their delivery truck. I'm thinking this would be a LONG day, when Andreas (another Svalbard Sailing paddler) showed up and suggested we use a truck that is owned by the construction company he works for. Totally saved! I'm heading down to the dock to meet him now.

Once we sail tonight the ship will be off the grid. I will keep writing posts with the hope that I will be able to upload at a research station we will reach in a few days. Bob will post images I've sent to him and keep the story going.

Till then ... I'm off the grid and off to the NORTH!

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