Friday, October 1, 2010

Today I moved from the Polarigg to Galleri Svalbard's artist residence. It took much of the day just repacking and hauling my stuff from one place to the next. I may be short on clothes, but not on equipment. I have two primary cameras and three back-ups ... all insured with a "bring back a carcass and we'll give you a new camera" policy. The Arctic can be tough on cameras.

After finally getting settled in my new home and talking to some of the artists who have studios here, I walked the 1 1/2 km very long 2.5km into town. It was actually raining, a rare occurance for this time of the year. It should be snow.

I met Karianne and her children at the Radisson for an early dinner. It was so great to see her after a year's time. We met last year when she volunteered to be one of the paddlers for the synchronized kayak piece I've come back to finish.

I didn't film today, but scouted some locations and made plans to start tomorrow.

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