Sunday, October 10, 2010

Leaving Longyearbyen

We are 19 artists, sprawled across the communal living space of MaryAnn's Polarigg, all frantically skyping and typing away. The bus picks us up in 10 minutes. It's dead silent. Everyone is nervous, but excited to get underway.

Once the bus gets here there will be a made rush to get all the bags on board. Our luggage takes up a sizable room. I remember last year, looking at all he bags getting carried onto the Noorderlicht and thinking ... No way! There is no way all this stuff can fit on that small boat. It's amazing how it's managed and eventually feels spacious on board. There is a light snow falling. Perfect for heading off on our adventure!

That's the Noorderlicht on the far left side of the webcam picture.

I'll be off the grid till we return to Longyearbyen...

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