Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Off to Lake Ebbe

I received a couple texts from Janet this morning (Wednesday afternoon, her time) She's off via Jeep to an Afar village - she said it was a bone wrenching drive across rocks, then on the the main road.

On the road they found a big trucker protest. Almost all of landlocked Ethiopia's exports go via truck to the Djibouti port. Apparently the Djibouti police had a recent altercation with a truck driver, and beat him to death, so today the other drivers are blocking the road.

She's also had some issues with the Afar guide asking for extra money, but I think we'll have to wait a few days to hear more about that.

This afternoon they're going to "dead forest" (or maybe it's the "day forest").  It's the only bit of green in the country. Then she's off to Lake Ebbe tonight via jeep.

No cell reception out there so probably no news until Thurs or Friday.

Good news is she's safe and having an interesting time!

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